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What are Some Cheap Brazoria County Bail Bonds Companies?

If you are looking for cheap Brazoria County bail bonds, look no further than EZ Bail Bonds. We provide affordable bail bonding service without any credit checks. Being put into jail usually means you are not able to make a paycheck and this is something we completely understand. Plus, bail can be expensive and most people do not have the cash on hand to pay it. We have payment plans that are affordable and within your budget. In fact, we practically wrote the book on payment plans for bail bonds. If you say you can pay it, we will take you at your word.

Some bail bond companies are in business strictly to take advantage of people who are put in jail. They know your options are limited, so they try to nickel and dime you on everything, just to make a few extra bucks. EZ bail Bonds does not operate that way. Our agents will work with you using their vast experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. You will be armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions and be able to choose the right course of action. When you or a loved one are in jail and need bail bonds in Brazoria County, choose EZ Bail Bonds.

EZ Bail Bonds has Brazoria County Bail Bonds

Getting Brazoria County bail bonds through EZ Bail Bonds is an easy process. When you are in jail, that is exactly what you want. We are here to make sure that your stay in jail is as short as possible. Our team will work hard and fast to get you out fast. We are available 24/7 and our payment plans are affordable. If you are in jail in Brazoria County, remember you can always contact EZ Bail Bonds for fast, affordable service.

  • November 21, 2016

    Getting arrested is an expensive mistake. You have to shell out attorney’s fees, court costs, fines upon conviction, impound fees if a vehicle was towed, probation fees . . . they add up quickly. But the first fee that you face after an arrest is your bail bond. What happens if you can’t afford it?

    Don’t worry — EZ Bail Bonds has your back

    The bail bond agents at EZ Bail Bonds realize that not everyone will have the funds to pay for Brazoria County bail bonds. That’s why the bonds that they write for their clients are done in accordance with terms that are affordable on almost every budget. Call today and get set free!

  • July 6, 2016

    Can You Afford the Terms of Your Brazoria County Bail Bonds?

    It’s understandable that defendants will say or do just about anything in order to get released from jail while awaiting trial. Sometimes that means agreeing to financial terms set forth by your Brazoria County bail bonds agent. Problems can develop, however, that can jeopardize your much sought-after freedom if you fall behind on your payments.

    Communication is key when your freedom is at stake
    It’s important to remember that your Brazoria County bail bonds agent can be a powerful ally for you to remain out of jail while awaiting trial on your charges. If you signed an agreement with the agent that you would make payments of a specified amount each week (or pay period), but later discover you are falling behind on those agreed-upon payments, you need to take action.

    Maybe you got fired as a result of your arrest, or perhaps the payments are more than you can eke out of your budget. If you address the matter promptly with your bail bonds agent before the situation gets out of control, you may be able to rectify the matter. Brazoria County bail bonds can sometimes be restructured to extend the payments over longer periods of time.

    Doing nothing is always a bad decision, as failing to honor the terms of your bail bond agreement can land you back behind bars.

  • Brazoria County Bail Bonds Can Save Your Memorial Day Holiday

    There’s nothing worse than going to jail . . . except going to jail on a major holiday. Unfortunately, more people are arrested during the holidays for things like DWI (driving while intoxicated), domestic violence and random brawls.

    EZ Bail Bonds can spring you from jail this Memorial Day weekend

    If you are unlucky enough to wind up behind bars when everyone else is swimming, barbecuing and attending parades to honor our fallen military members, you probably don’t want to be the one to throw a damper on the day by involving friends and loved ones in your plight.

    But that is no reason to sit the celebration out from a jail cell when you can arrange for a Brazoria County bail bonds agent to get you back to the party before the meat is even off of the grill. Agents are on call around the clock to make sure you don’t have to spend a minute longer than necessary in jail. As soon as you are able to make a phone call, dial the number that can lead you to freedom — (281) 485-9393.

  • What to do after being released on bail bond in Brazoria County

    What you do after your release from jail on Brazoria County bail bonds can affect the outcome of the case against you. For instance, if you revert to the same behavior patterns that caused you to be arrested in the first place, i.e., shoplifting, manufacturing methamphetamine, stealing cars, etc., there’s a pretty good chance of your being re-arrested and landing back in jail.

    Making positive changes

    This is a good time to take an inventory on your life and figure out what’s working and what isn’t. If there are people around you who are bad influences on you and your future, it might be a fine idea to change the company that you keep. Take steps to eliminate substance abuse from your life by making a few AA or NA meetings if that’s been a problem.

    Meet your responsibilities

    When you were released from jail on bond, you signed a contract guaranteeing that you would meet certain responsibilities to the court and the bail bond agency. These are the conditions of your release, and failing to honor them can potentially result in your being re-arrested. Remain current on your payments to the bail bonds agency, abide by the conditions of the court, continue working to earn money to pay for your defense — all of these actions will keep you free from jail and make a good impression on the court when your case is adjudicated.

  • What to do after being released on bail bond in Brazoria County

    Boy, what a relief it is to be set free from jail while awaiting your trial date. You are probably quite grateful to the Brazoria County bail bonds agent who brokered your release. But what happens next?


    Staying free on bail is your priority

    Sometimes a judge or even the bail bonds agent will agree to a conditional release, meaning that he or she lays out very specific requirements that you must meet in order to continue enjoying your pre-trial freedom. It can’t be emphasized enough that you must abide by those conditions to the letter.

    One example is a defendant who is released on bond for a domestic violence offense. Judges usually impose strict “no contact” stipulations when they agree to bail. No contact means just that. No calls, texts, social media messages or third party relayed messages.

    Another scenario could be a DWI defendant who must abstain from all alcohol use. Popping a top on a beer at a backyard barbecue may seem innocent, but could potentially land you back behind bars.


    Don’t let bad habits lead you astray

    Remember that all that you do between now and your trial can affect the outcome a great deal. Be smart and stay free!

  • What to do after being released on bail bond in Brazoria County

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    If your have just been released on bail bond from Brazoria County Jail or another local jail facility, you may be wondering what to do next. After being discharged, you’ll be happy to reunite with friends and family and you’ll need to resume your daily financial and work-related obligations as well, but there are two other areas of concern you can’t afford to neglect while you wait for your arraginment:

    1. Understand All Bail Bond Terms and Court Requirements

    Pay close attention to your court dates and the location of the courthouse. If you fail to appear on time even once, you could be re-arrested. Have the bail bonds agent explain the terms of the bond to you in detail, including rates, payment plans, and reporting requirements. Also understand you cannot leave Brazoria County before your arraignment.

    2. Diligently Seek Out the Best Possible Defense Attorney

    While in jail, you may have opted for a public defender, and if not, you can wait to be assigned one at your arraignment. However, it is best to use this window of time to find a specialist with a proven track record of winning cases very similar to yours. One option is to contact a local legal aid society to avail yourself of the pro bono (free) services that most law firms offer to those with qualifying low incomes. The second option is to hire a lawyer, and it is often best to begin with personal recommendations, including from your bail bonds agent. However, you should also contact the state bar to inquire which attorneys are in good standing.


    Nobody wakes up thinking that they will have to bond a loved one out of the Brazoria County Jail, but EZ Bail Bonds know that bad things happen to good people at times.

    You will want to get out of jail as soon as possible, and even though your mind will be on getting home to your family, you will still have to make sure that you follow the proper steps to ensure that you stay out of jail after you have been released on a Brazoria County bail bond.

    The Rules to Follow after Being Released on Brazoria County Bail Bonds

    After making the call to an EZ Bail Bonds agent, the person acting on your behalf will have to meet the bondsman either at the jail or at their office to fill out paperwork and provide a down payment on your bond. Depending on the day of the week, time of day, and if it is a holiday, it can take up to 10 hours to be released from custody.

    Once you are released from custody, first, sigh a breath of relief that a reputable EZ Bail Bonds agent was able to assist you in your time of need.

    The first 24 hours after being released

    Now that you have been released from custody, you will have to meet with a representative from the agency that posted your bond. This is a vital part of the process. You will need to sign a contract that states you will follow the EZ Bail Bond rules going forward.

    The paperwork will give you details on how much money was posted on your behalf, when payments are due, if you made a payment arrangement, when court appearances are scheduled, and any other requirements set forth by the judge.

    Make your court dates

    Before you were released on bail bond, you were given a date for when you must appear in court. This date could be anywhere from one week to several months down the road. During this time, you must remain law-abiding. If you are facing drug or alcohol charges, you should abstain from using any substances until your court case is resolved. This will help to safeguard your freedom.

    You will remain out on bond until the charges are dropped or until you are either found guilty or not guilty of your charges. Until that time, you must make all of your court dates.

    If you do not make your court appearance, the judge will likely order a warrant for your arrest, and at that time your bail bond can be revoked. The EZ Bail Bonds agent may also have to power to arrest you and bring you into custody.

    No matter what charges you may be facing, you can find a way out of jail with EZ Bail Bonds.

    After you have been released on a bail bond in Brazoria County, TX, you will need to prepare for the legal battle that lies just ahead. You will also need to keep yourself in compliance with the terms of your bond to prevent it being forfeited to the court.

    Some of the actions you will need to take between your release and the resolution of your case include the following:

    1. Communicate With Your Bail Bonds Agent

    Upon release, your bail bonds agent should explain to you the terms of the bail bond, the consequences of non-compliance, and the date and place of your court arraignment. You not only must attend all court hearings, but you need to remain in-state and sometimes even in-county. You also need to regularly report to your agent and inform him of any changes in residence, employment, or contact information.

    2. Hire a Skilled Defense Attorney

    You will probably have only 30 days until your first court appearance, and you need to utilize that time to prepare yourself mentally and legally to defeat the challenges the prosecutor will throw at you. An attorney who specializes in defending your class of cases will be able to provide you with reliable information and experience-derived insight into your legal situation.

    3. Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario

    Despite doing all in your power to get the charges dismissed or your sentence minimized, it is possible to end up back in jail. Spend time with your family while you know you can and arrange for them to be taken care of financially during any period of separation.